In the heart of the Icelandic Highlands lies a modest resort. Kerlingarfjöll has a former life as a popular ski area but as temperatures rose, the resort has become an ecotourism haven. This modest collection of cabins is entirely off grid and the roads leading in are closed during the winter months as the conditions become unrealistic to maintain. Even in the good season, there is only one bus line that will risk taking that route. But it is just these conditions that make for remarkable hiking and views.

For nine days Richmond, Virginia hosted the 2015 UCI Road World Championships. The “City of Seven Hills” with its cobblestone roads proved to be a challenge for the competitors but a strong road biking community and enthusiasts alike came out to cheer them through it. Though it was less than two weeks, the race certainly had a lasting impact as Richmond implements more bike lanes and long distance bike trails.

On January 21, 2017, one day after the inauguration of President Trump, over 200,000 people participated in the Women’s March on Washington. With the mission of harnessing the political power of diverse women, many marched to protest for their rights and safety under the new administration. With such a large turnout, the march was unable to move as the number of people overfilled the blocks allotted for marching. Though it was not the only march that day, the first Women’s March in D.C. started a organization that would continue for years to come.